For  Credit Student Internship Program


Are you interested in working at a radio station?  If you are a motivated high school junior, senior or college student offers you an excellent way to participate in the ever-change world of radio and digital media.  Our locally owned,  operated,  multi-faceted world of radio broadcasting and online streaming, provides an educational experience built on practical, hands-on training. 


You provide with an infusion of energy, new ideas and opportunity to enhance our mission of teaching Haitian Culture.

You must have your own transportation and once accepted into the program you will be assigned to a mentor and receive general equipment training.  Once trained, you fill staffing needs in our various departments which may include some on-air duties.


High school internships are for students participating in approved work-study programs through their schools.  Applications for high schools internships must be facilitated through a teacher, counselor, or program director a the student’s school.


College internships are open to undergraduate students receiving academic credit from an accredited institution of higher learning.  College internships typically coincide with academic semesters, or summer break months.  For Credit college Internships must be facilitated by the student and coordinated through the college of enrollment.


You must apply and to be interviewed and we require a written permission release from your parents and school to participate. We will work with your school guidance department to assure you are credited with any local school credits you may be eligible to earn. If you want to participate in our internship program complete our online application:


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