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Antoine Rossini Jean Baptiste “Ti Manno” was born in 1953 in Gonaïves a province in Haïti.

Antoine Rossini Jean Baptiste “Ti Manno” was born in 1953 in Gonaïves a province in Haïti. Ti Manno was known as the most powerful and genuine musician in the country’s history. Ti Manno was an activist against war, discrimination, violence, oppression and abuse he felt all people were equals and should live their life with peace and love. Ti Manno sang from his heart about these things, and this is what made him such a respectable and loved man through out the world.

Ti Manno started singing when he was just a boy at a catholic school. He began his career in the late 60’s with the “Les Diables Du Rythme” band in Gonaïves, the same year he started playing for the band “Formidables” of St Marc. In the 1970’s he began playing for a very popular band called “Volo Volo”, he left Volo Volo and went to the “Astros” band. Shortly after in 1978 he was singing for DP Express one of the biggest Haitian band. While he was with DP Express, hurricane “David” destroyed part of the Caribbean especially Haiti, the group dedicated the album “David” to the Haitian people and it turned out to be a huge success.


Ti Manno left DP Express in the summer of 1981 and formed his own group “Gemini All Stars” his group released five albums “Lajan” (money), “Operasyon Men Kontre” (togetherness) etc…. After his albums were released his popularity grew day by day. Unfortunately in late 1983 he became very sick in New York with an untreatable illness. The Haitian community and music producers gathered together to raise money to try and save the super star. May 13, 1985 was a very sad and gloomy day for the Haitian people when it was announced that the legendary Antoine Rossini Jean Baptiste aka Ti Manno passed away regardless of all the prayers, and money. Ti Manno wrote a poem of gratefulness on his death to recognize all the efforts that went into saving his life. The poem was:

Red and Orange Gradient

Translated in English the poems say:

Even if you didn’t have anything to give, your prayers are worth more than money

Your passion, care, love, effort, good faith, and sincerity showed me that your loyalty is stronger than a nuclear weapon

Because the Missile can only destroy

Every time you released your love, your prayers, and your courage to this untreatable disease

For somebody who is going through difficulties that is a beautiful rose you put in your life

The nuclear bombs destroy life and our weapons of love rebuild it

I don’t have the power to give the Haitian people what they deserve

I submit all positive feelings and thoughts I feel about you people to God

Only God knows how to repay you

I don’t have the rights to give you my heart; you Haitian people dwell in my heart

The day of his funeral was a very cloudy and rainy day, even with the weather the way it was millions of fans gathered for his final goodbye

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